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Since 1971 we've provided quality fishing reel repair service and replacement parts for Midwest fisherman. It's difficult to find a fishing reel repair center that cares about your equipment as much as you do. This business was founded on that very premise. The care and dedication from our repair center is apparent on every item that our customers send to us. It's that experience and dedication that has allowed JL Reel Service to grow to a regional name in the fishing reel repair business.

Service. It's in our name. There's more to the business than an ability to repair and clean fishing equipment. We take pride in providing a fishing reel resource to our customers. If you have questions about your fishing reel we'll do our best to answer them in a timely fashion. If you have equipment problems we'll do everything in our power to resolve the issue or, rest assured, we'll find you someone that can.

Quality work is what we do. We treat every fishing reel like it is our own. It's that simple. Over three decades of experience has allowed us to develop a detailed process for fishing reel repair:

  • Every fishing reel is thoroughly inspected to determine exactly what repair work is required.
  • An estimate of replacement parts, labor, shipping and tax costs is made. We provide that information to the customer before any work is started. The customer decides what repair work is done to the fishing reel.
  • After the repair work is completed we thoroughly clean each fishing reel by hand. As the reel is reassembled only top-grade lubricants are used.
  • As a final step we use a special exterior treatment that will have your fishing reel looking like new.
We take great pride in returning a serviced fishing reel that works and looks like it just came out of the box.

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