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Tech Tip Archive

Cleaning Your Fishing Reel Posted 9/23/2003

A fishing reel that is used often and hard should be lubed externally after each fishing trip and internally at least once a month. What would I use to clean off the external dirt and flush the internal workings of the reel without taking everything totally apart? WD-40 and a soft brush - tooth brush is OK - work the best for external cleaning. WD-40 works as a solvent and also displaces water. Always remember that WD-40 is NOT a lubricant! WD-40 can also be used to flush the internal workings of a reel. As I stated in a previous tip Rem Oil is a great external lubricant. My favorite internal oil and reel grease is Abu-Garcia's silicote based oil and grease for most reels. Take good care of your fishing reel and you will extend its life! As a side note a long time fishing friend of mine uses WD-40 on his fishing lures to attract fish!

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