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Tech Tip Archive

Ultra-Light Tackle Part One Posted 3/14/2004

The very name "ultra-light tackle" (UL) implies highly specialized angling equipment. The small reels, whch are made with watch-like precision, use light-test lines with small diameter, delicate and sensitive rods and light-weight lures. My first UL reel was a Mitchell 308 and a custom made rod both purchased in 1964. I entered a whole new world of fishing enjoyment. But I soon learned that handling large fish on UL equipment required some special tricks to avoid problems such as line-twist, line breakage and a broken UL rod.

Filling The UL Spool: UL spinning reels will not cast correctly unless the line is wound on evenly to begin with. Overfilled spools will result in "bird's nest" casts. Underfilled spools result in a loss of casting distance. Fill the spool only to that point where the "curve" of the spool lip begins. When the spool becomes depleted of line more than 1/8-inch below the lip-curve, replace the line.

To be continued!

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