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Tech Tip Archive

Ultra-Light Tackle Part Two Posted 5/23/2004

Replacing Ultra-Light Line: Ultra-light line needs to be replaced often. It will not wear as long as heavier pound-test lines. Buying ultra-light line in bulk spool quantities is a smart way to go. Money will be saved by doing so and it is also taking out some very inexpensive "lunker insurance" in the process. For deep spools fill the spool at least half full of soft cotton string or heavier monfilament line, then top off the spool with your favorite ultra-light weight line.

Casting Ultra-Light Line: The use of ultra-light weight line presents some unique problems to the ultra-light angler. Wear of the line where it comes in contact with the tip guide of the rod during casting can result in lost fish if the worn portion of the line is not snipped off frequently during a day's fishing. In the wind, the finest diameter lines tend to balloon at the completion of the cast if the angler does not feather the line to a stop with their finger tip, raise the rod tip high and pick up the descending slack line with haste. Failure to do this often results in a loop of line being wound onto the spool. When the next cast is made, a "bird's nest cast" usually results.

To Be Continued!

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