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Tech Tip Archive

Ultra-Light Tackle Part Three Posted 6/24/2004

Avoiding Line Twist: It is the nature of a spinning reel of the open-faced design that when the handle is turned to recover line against the weight of a stationary or moving fish a twist is put into the line. The correct way to recover a line with an ultra-light outfit is to "pump" the fish in. Make sure the fish is stationary or moving towards you. If the fish is running, wait until the fish stops before attempting to recover line. Draw the rod tip gently but firmly upward as long as the fish tends to give ground. Then, lower the rod tip and reel in the slack line at the same time. Reeling in against a running fish or a stationary one will always put a twist in the fine-diameter monofilament line.

Proper Drag Tension: Very fine-diameter monofilament line may have a lot of stretch, but it also can be broken quite easily. As a general rule, set the drag tension on the low side, rather than close to the actual tested breaking strength of the line. The natural movements of a hooked fish consist of runs of various speeds and duration, short dashes, jerks and twists, most of which are not sustained long enough to "start" a drag system slipping at a tight setting.

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