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Tech Tip Archive

A Night Fishing Reel! Posted 7/27/2004

As a midwest freshwater fisherman it did not take me long to discover what type of reel to use fishing for walleyes at night.

I am a die hard open faced spinning reel user. My first experience casting in the total dark for walleyes at a local lake with my favorite open faced reel was a disaster. A line loop wound on the spool resulted in a bird nest on the next cast. I switched on my light, waded to shore and attempted to resolve the mess. A fellow I knew was fishing close by. He asked me if I owned a closed face spinning reel and rod and if I had it with me. I told him yes and it was in the car. He told me to walk to the car and switch fishing gear. I followed his advice and that was the end of my casting problems for the night. There were walleyes on the stringer when I finished fishing. After that when the sun went down I switched to the closed faced spinning gear for wading and casting in the dark.

If you choose to use a closed faced spinning reel, choose one with level wind. Our current favorites are the Daiwa Gold Cast (GC) 80, 100 and 120.

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