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Tech Tip Archive

Spin-Casting Reels Posted 9/3/2004

A spin-cast reel is also described as a "closed-face spinning reel". It has a "nose cone" or "hood" (front cover) that houses the rotor assembly and the line spool.

The best spin-cast reels have a spool that oscillates back and forth for a level wind. They also have two pickup pins for gathering the line. They have quckly adjustable drags with a wide range of tensions. Star drags mounted on the handle are the best. Many have drag knobs or wheels top-mounted for handling ease. A spin-cast reel with an anti-reverse lever mounted externally in an out-of-the-way yet easy to reach location is a good choice. All spin-cast reels will not mount well on all bait-casting or spinning rods. It is wise to test the reel on the rod to be used to be certain it is held securely in the reel seat and at a comfortable height.

Spin-cast reels require frequent maintenance. Cleaning the inside of the front cover and the rotor assembly after each use is a good choice. A wet paper towel will usually do the trick. Not doing the regular cleaning will allow a buildup that will cut down on casting distance.

Keeping your spool full of fresh line is important for the function of the reel as well as maintaining casting distance.

Level wind mechanisms. line pickup pins and gearing in a spin-cast reel go back and forth as well as around a lot! That means frequent cleaning and lubrication to minimize wear.

Spin-cast reels are designed for casting not for trolling! Use your bait-casting reel for trolling.

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