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Tech Tip Archive

Protect Your Investment Posted 12/27/2004

An arsenal of fishing reels can represent a sizable investment. There are some measures you can take to keep your fishing reels working correctly for years to come.

Do not leave your fishing reels uncovered and exposed to the elements. A simple and inexpensive cover for your fishing reel mounted on a fishing rod is a two gallon freezer bag. Secure the opening of the bag over the rod with a plastic bag tie or a pipe cleaner. Leaving your rods and reels where all can see them in your garage or while transporting them also invites theft.

Do not leave your fishing reels in a wet environment. Never close them in a boat rod locker that is wet inside, or keep them in a damp boat covered by a tarp. Corrosion can occur quickly.

Immediately clean fishing reels that have been used in salt water. Rinse them thoroughly and then shake and air-dry and do so immediately after you are done fishing. Aluminum alloy parts are highly susceptible to saltwater corrosion.

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