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Tech Tip Archive

Buying A Fishing Reel Part Two Posted 4/19/2005

Will the fishing reel and matching rod handle the types of fishing line you need or want to use? With many fishing lines today having zero stretch will the gear train of the reel and the eyes on the rod take that kind of energy transfer without being damaged?

Can the fishing reel you have chosen be matched with more than one length and action of fishing rod? What fishing lure weights will you be using? Will the fishing reel of your choice with its matching rod handle that range of lure weights?

Will both a bait casting and open faced spinning reel be needed? Bait casting reels are the best choice for trolling.

How much money should you spend on a fishing reel and matching rod? The answer to that question is another question. How much time do you spend fishing? If you only fish once in a while then top of the line fishing equipment will not be necessary. If you fish every day or at least every weekend, then buy the best fishing reel and matching rod that you can afford.

Do you fish a lot but do not have a lot of money to spend on a fishing reel and matching rod? Then find a fishing reel and matching rod in the price range that you want to pay. Always select a fishing reel made by a manufacturer that provides parts and service regardless of the price of the fishing reel. If at all possible attach the fishing reel to the fishing rod before you purchase either one. Does the fishing reel and rod combination balance well in your hand(s)? If you like the cheaper fishing reel and it performs well for you then consider purchasing another identical fishing reel to have on hand. Odds are against you finding the same identical fishing reel when the one you really like gives up the ghost.

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