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Tech Tip Archive

Future Fishing Reels, Lines and Lures! Posted 6/5/2005

Your bait casting reel will have a miniature LCD display that will show your lure's depth and speed as well as the temperature of the water. Also showing on the display will be an image from the in-lure camera. A micro-processer built into the reel will be your control for casting distance and eliminating backlash. You may not even need batteries. Cranking the reel will generate the power needed to run the electronics.

The in-lure camera will provide a view from where the lure is running in the water as well as a view of the fish striking the lure. The view from the lure will be transmitted via hair thin fiber optics in the fishing line. Also transmitted will be the lure depth, speed and the water temperature.

Generation next fishing lures will be electronically programmable to dive to a certain depth at a specific speed. The lures will swim precisely like a fish. The lures will look totally real because of photographic and computer-aided replication of color and scale patterns.

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