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Tech Tip Archive

Prepare For Needing Fishing Reel Repair! Posted 1/2/2006

As one fishing reel design engineer told me several years ago, "We design our fishing reels to wear out!" Sooner or later your fishing reel is going to be in need of a replacement part or parts. How do you prepare for that?

Let's go back to when you purchased the fishing reel new. However it was purchased - in a box or in a bubble pack - the fishing reel usually will have instructions and a copy of the assembly drawing for the reel. If there is no assembly drawing with the fishing reel, the reel is probably in a price range that when the fishing reel fails, go buy a new fishing reel.

If the fishing reel has an assembly drawing with the instructions, do not throw it away. Make sure the assembly drawing is for your exact model of fishing reel. If per chance the assembly drawing is for your series of reel but not the exact model number you purchased, write the make and exact model number you purchased on the enclosed assembly drawing. The model number will be on the reel body or spool or both depending on the type of reel you purchased. Write down every number you can find! Why? As you use the fishing reel the numbers on the reel and spool will become hard to read or wear off altogether. When you need parts or repair for your fishing reel you will need to know the exact make and model number.

You should also write down the date you bought the fishing reel on the assembly drawing. Knowing the year the reel was purchased will help track the reel to the exact year the fishing reel was put on the market by the manufacturer. This will help determine parts availability. The older the fishing reel the less chance parts will still be available.

Buy a manila envelope, write fishing reel assembly drawings on the outside and put the drawing in the envelope. Keep the assembly drawings for all your fishing reels in the envelope. File the manila envelope where you know you can find it.

It would be a wise thing to do to keep the purchase receipt and the box - if it came in one - until the warranty period for the fishing reel is over. The instructions with the fishing reel will tell you what to do if the reel fails during the warranty period. If you are not sure what to do or who to contact, contact us at J.L. Reel Service. We will assist you at no charge.

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