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2018 Update-I Cannot Find Repair Parts. Posted 7/22/2006

Your favorite old or obsolete fishing reel needs repair parts. You inherited an old favorite no longer working fishing reel from a relative or friend. You went to a rummage sale and found this great old fishing reel but it needs parts. You purchased an old fishing reel via the computer and it arrived in the mail in need of parts. Your purchased a new fishing reel and the first time out fishing you lost the handle. To your suprise you find out that the manufacturer does not provide repair parts. In all the above cases what do you do?

In a previous tech tip I recommended that if you purchase a fishing reel that you really like, go purchase another one or two for backup and/or parts. Sooner or later you are going to be glad you did! Eventually every fishing reel is no longer manufactured. Or, the fishing reel is redesigned - new and improved - leaving you with a favorite fishing reel that can only be partially repaired because the new and improved parts will not fit into your older favorite fishing reel.

You can begin your search for old obsolete fishing reel parts by contacting fishing reel repair centers that have been in business for a long time. They are your best chance of finding the parts that you need.

Another option is to find a collector that has new original parts for your fishing reel and is willing to sell you what you need. Collector parts at the very least will be priced in today's dollars. The collector's parts may also be priced based on availability and/or demand.

Finding someone with an identical fishing reel and the reel is for sale is another option. You need to make sure the part(s) you need are in good working condition on the used reel. Many identical fishing reels have the same parts fail. Make sure you are not purchasing an identical reel with an identical problem!

You just cannot find the parts you need for your fishing reel! Then consider selling your old reel for parts!

To help you with your search for no longer available fishing reel parts or sell your old fishing reel, J. L. Reel Service offers a classified ad section on our web site. We get a lot of traffic each day and you cannot beat the price.

On your favorite Internet search engine key in the following in the search block: Make, Model Number Fishing Reel. Click on search and see what comes up.

On your favorite Internet search engine key in Vintage Fishing Reels. This will give you listings for finding an identical fishing reel or parts.

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