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Fishing Reel Bought NIB Is Defective! Posted 8/8/2006

In today's world there is an ever growing manufacturing mentality to build something that people will buy, they will use until it breaks, they will throw the item in the junk and then they will go buy a new one. Parts and service are not part of their after purchase equation!

You drove a considerable distance at today's gas prices to buy a new fishing reel. You found a store demo model that you liked. The sales person retrieved an identical new in the box fishing reel for you. You paid for the fishing reel and headed for home. At your home you opened the new fishing reel box. To your amazement you see that the brand new fishing reel is missing an exterior part or parts. Or, the brand new fishing reel will not function correctly. Or, the first time you use the brand new fishing reel for actual fishing, parts come loose from the exterior of the new reel during use, fall into the water and are lost. When you call the listed warranty fishing reel repair center you are told that the parts you lost in the water are not yet in stock. And, the parts may not be available in the future.

Always remember "Let The Buyer Beware"! Do not leave the store until you have taken your brand new fishing reel out of its box to make sure it is a complete new fishing reel and it works as it should!

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