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2018 Update - Let The Buyer Beware! Posted 11/15/2006

I have received a lot of contacts from people who have purchased used fishing reels sight unseen. When the fishing reel was received the buyer quickly discovered that he/she had purchased a totally unusable fishing reel.

In all cases the buyer of the fishing reel could not or did not contact the fishing reel owner before making the purchase. This is a not a good way to do business. Make it the very least you do by contacting the owner of the fishing reel by telephone. Discuss how the reel was used, its age and its present working condition before you give serious thought about buying the reel.

You are going to buy a new fishing reel. You go to your favorite sporting goods store. You find the reel you want from the display models which are usually mounted on the handle section of a fishing rod. You tell the sales clerk this is the one you want. He finds a new in the box reel like you want from under the counter. The sales clerk sells you the reel without taking the reel out of the box to check it over and test its functions. You arrive at your home with the reel. You take the brand new reel out of the box and you see that the handle assembly is missing or the new reel does not work as it should!

Before you pay for a new in the box fishing reel take the reel out of the box and inspect it. Test all the functions on the brand new reel. Make sure all the parts are in place and the reel works as well as the display model. Then, pay for the reel and head for home! Make sure you keep the fishing reel box and your sales slip at least as long as the warranty period for the fishing reel.

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