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2018 Update - Mailing Your Fishing Reel! Posted 3/11/2007

Your fishing reel is in need of repair. You can not or do not want to do the repair work yourself. So, you find the name of a fishing reel repair center who does repair work for your make of fishing reel. You mail it to them assuming your reel will be repaired and you will be notified when the reel is ready to be shipped back to you.

It is wise today to never put a fishing reel into the mail to anyone until you know that new parts and repair service are available for your make and model of fishing reel. It is always a good idea to get an estimate of what the minimum/maximum costs might be to service your fishing reel. Do not forget that postage and insurance round trip are part of your repair costs. Also, find out the turn around time for servicing your fishing reel. If the reel repair center does not have new - not used - parts in stock for your fishing reel, make sure repair parts are even available for your reel. If new repair parts are available but will have to be ordered, your fishing reel could be out of your hands for quite a while!

Read our tech tip "When To Repair And When To Buy New".

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